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LACTWG Membership

The CCSG Latin American and Caribbean Transport Working Group (LACTWG) was formed in 2019. The group has quickly grown to 20+ volunteer members, including biologists, transportation practitioners, and lending institution specialists. With a primary focus on linear transportation infrastructure (such as roads, railways, and canals), members devote their expertise to provide solutions for reducing wildlife mortality and making transportation systems more permeable for wildlife movement throughout the region. Below is a list of LACTWG’s core collaborators.


LACTWG members gather in Medellín, Colombia for the II Ibero-American Congress on Biodiversity and Road Infrastructure, November 2019

Cecilia Aguilar, Mexico
Daniela Araya Gamboa, Costa Rica
Esmeralda Arevalo, Costa Rica
Juan Carlos Bravo, Mexico
Anthony P Clevenger, Canada
Hugo Coitino, Uruguay
Victor Colino, Spain
Juan de Dios Valdez, Mexico
Simone Freitas, Brazil
Clara Grilo, Portugal
Juan Carlos Jaramillo, Colombia
Mirna Manteca, Mexico
Pablo Medrano, Ecuador
Larissa Oliveira Gonçalves, Brazil
Coral Pacheco, Mexico
Fernando Pinto, Brazil
Esther Pomareda, Costa Rica
Agustina Serron, Uruguay
Joel Saenz, Costa Rica
Fernanda Teixeira, Brazil
Diego Varela, Argentina