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Connectivity Library

Explore this collection of books, peer-reviewed journal articles, technical papers, reports, and news stories providing insight into the field of connectivity conservation. CCSG is glad to cooperate with partners to provide ongoing updates to this collection and increase public access to the wealth of existing and new information, ongoing research, and developments around the world.

Entries in the Connectivity Library are organized based on their relevance to connectivity conservation generally or a specific thematic CCSG Working Group. Entries can be filtered by relevance or publication type using the dropdown menus below:

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  • MCWG: Marine Connectivity Working Group
  • TWG: Transport Working Group
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  • LACTWG: Latin American and Caribbean Transport Working Group
Bits and pieces: Forest fragmentation by linear intrusions in IndiaNayak, R., Karanth, K.K., Dutta, T., et al.2020Land Use PolicyCCSGJournal Article
Global trends in protected area connectivity from 2010 to 2018Saura, S., Bertzky, B., Bastin, L., et al.2019Biological ConservationCCSGJournal Article
The emergence of private land conservation in scientific literature: A reviewCapano, G.C., Toivonen, T., Soutullo, A., Di Minin, E.2019Biological ConservationCCSGJournal Article
Integrating functional connectivity and fire management for better conservation outcomesSitters, H., and Di Stefano, J.2019Conservation BiologyCCSGJournal Article
Effectiveness of Panama as an intercontinental land bridge for large mammalsMeyer, N.F.V., Moreno, R., Sutherland, C., et al.2019Conservation BiologyCCSGJournal Article
Conservation value of small reservesVolenec, Z.M., Dobson, A.P.2019Conservation BiologyCCSGJournal Article
National contributions to global ecosystem valuesCoristine, L., Colla, S., Bennett, N., et al.2019Conservation BiologyCCSGJournal Article
Thirty years of connectivity conservation planning: an assessment of factors influencing plan implementationKeeley, A.T.H., Beier, P., Creech, T., Jones, K., Jongman, R.H.G., Stonecipher, G., Tabor, G.M.2019Environmental Research LettersCCSGJournal Article
Corridor Ecology, Linking Landscapes for Biodiversity Conservation and Climate AdaptationHilty, J.A., Keeley, A.T.H., Lidicker Jr., W.Z., Merenlender, A.M.2019Island PressCCSGBook
Integrated Planning: Policy and law tools for biodiversity conservation and climate changeLausche, B.2019IUCN Environmental Law ProgrammeCCSGTechnical Papers & Reports
Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs), Aichi Target 11 and CanadaÕs Pathway to Target 1: Focusing Conservation on ReconciliationZurba, M., Beazley, K., English, E. and Buchmann-Duck, J.2019LandCCSGJournal Article
Mapping the worldÕs free-flowing riversGrill G., Lehner, B., Thieme, M., et al.2019NatureCCSGJournal Article
Inferring fine-scale spatial structure of the brown bear (Ursus arctos) population in the Carpathians prior to infrastructure developmentFedorca, A., Russo, I-R. M., Ionescu, O., et al.2019Nature Scientific ReportsCCSGJournal Article
Hotspots of human impact on threatened terrestrial vertebratesAllan, J.R., Watson, J.E., Di Marco, M., et al.2019PLOS BiologyCCSGJournal Article
Ecological Connectivity: A bridge to preserving biodiversity in Frontiers 2018/19 Emerging Issues of Environmental ConcernTabor, G.2019United Nations Environment ProgrammeCCSGTechnical Papers & Reports
Birds of the Kangchenjunga Landscape, the Eastern Himalaya: status, threats and implications for conservationKandel, P., Thapa, I., Chettri, N., et al.2018Avian ResearchCCSGJournal Article
Identifying critical limits in oil palm cover for the conservation of terrestrial mammals in ColombiaPardo, L.E., de Oliveira Roque, F., Campbell, M.J., et al.2018Biological ConservationCCSGJournal Article
Have Indo-Malaysian forests reached the end of the road?Hughes, H.C.2018Biological ConservationCCSGJournal Article
Evaluating scenarios of landscape change for Sunda clouded leopard connectivity in a human dominated landscapeHearn, A.J., Cushman, S.A., Goossens, B., et al.2018Biological ConservationCCSGJournal Article
Maintaining tiger connectivity and minimizing extinction into the next century: Insights from landscape genetics and spatially-explicit simulationsThatte, P., Joshi, A., Vaidyanathan, S., et al.2018Biological ConservationCCSGJournal Article
The Future of Landscape ConservationBaldwin, R.F., Trombulak, S.C., Leonard, P.B.2018BioScienceCCSGJournal Article
Making Habitat Connectivity a RealityKeeley, A.T.H., Basson, G., Cameron, D.R., et al. 2018Conservation BiologyCCSGJournal Article
Participatory development of incentives to coexist with jaguars and pumasAmit, R., Jacobson, S.K.2018Conservation BiologyCCSGJournal Article
Where are EuropeÕs last primary forests?Sabatini, F.M., Burrascano, S., Keeton, W.S., et al.2018Diversity and DistributionsCCSGJournal Article
Are all data types and connectivity models created equal? Validating common connectivity approaches with dispersal dataZeller, K., Jennings, M., Vickers, T.W., et al.2018Diversity and DistributionsCCSGJournal Article
Climatic, topographic, and anthropogenic factors determine connectivity between current and future climate analogs in North AmericaCarroll, C., Parks, S.A., Dobrowski, S.Z., et al.2018Global Change BiologyCCSGJournal Article
Bushland and Waterways Guide: Draft for DiscussionPoulet, P., Hewett, B., Hyde, O., et al.2018Government Architect, New South WalesCCSGTechnical Papers & Reports
Assessment of Human-Leopard Conflict in human dominated landscape and mitigation measures: A Case Study from Surat District, GujaratSuthar A.R., Lakhmapurkar J., Gavali D., Nayyar P.2018Gujarat Ecological SocietyCCSGTechnical Papers & Reports
Promoting Transboundary Connectedness in the Kangchenjunga Landscape
through Yak Value Chain
Chettri, N. and Dorji, T.2018International Centre for Integrated Mountain DevelopmentCCSGTechnical Papers & Reports
Changes in Human Population Density and Protected Areas in Terrestrial Global Biodiversity Hotspots, 1995Ð2015Cunningham, C. and Beazley, K.F.2018LandCCSGJournal Article
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Protect the Last of the WildWatson, J.E.M., Ventor, O., Lee, J., et al.2018NatureCCSGJournal Article
Connect to Protect: Connectivity is the safety network for biodiversity conservationTabor, G.2018Nature Needs Half and the Center for Large Landscape ConservationCCSGTechnical Papers & Reports
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Destruction of the largest complex of primary forest in EU: the Fagaras Mts.Mikola, M. and Kameniar, O.2018REMOTE (REsearch on MOuntain TEmperate) Primary Forests projectCCSGTechnical Papers & Reports
One-third of global protected land is under intense human pressureJones, K.R., Venter, O., Fuller, R.A., et al.2018ScienceCCSGJournal Article
Moving in the Anthropocene: Global reductions in terrestrial mammalian movementsTucker, M.A., Bšhning-Gaese, K., Fagan, W.F., et al.2018ScienceCCSGJournal Article
Integration of Ecological and Socioeconomic Factors in Securing Wildlife Dispersal Corridors in the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, Southern AfricaMunthali, S.M., Smart, N., Siamudaala, V., et al.2018Selected Studies in BiodiversityCCSGJournal Article
Conservation and the Global Infrastructure Tsunami: Disclose, Debate, Delay!Laurance, W.F.2018Trends in Ecology & EvolutionCCSGJournal Article
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An Ecoregion-Based Approach to Protecting Half the Terrestrial RealmDinerstein, E., Olson, D., Joshi, A., et al.2017BioScienceCCSGJournal Article
Aeroconservation for the Fragmented SkiesDavy, C.M., Ford, A.T., Fraser, K.C.2017Conservation LettersCCSGJournal Article
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Opportunities drive the global distribution of protected areasBaldi, G., Texeira, M., Martin, O.A., et al.2017Peer JCCSGJournal Article
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Hydropower and Natura 2000: good practice guideEuropean Commission2016European CommissionCCSGTechnical Papers & Reports
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