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CCSG is a global network of individual experts and practitioners that volunteer their time and contributions to IUCN. The Specialist Group is currently composed of 920+ members from 110+ countries with experience across government, scientific, academic, non-profit, and business sectors. Membership in CCSG serves to increase coordination and collaboration to undertake joint activities, while also serving as the leading source of connectivity conservation expertise for the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) and across the Union.

Become a Member

CCSG membership is open to any member of the World Commission on Protected Areas. Applications can be submitted as follows:

  1. If  not already a member of the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) and not in possession of an IUCN account, applicants first need to create one by visiting the official IUCN Portal.
  2. Create or edit the profile, and include a letter of recommendation if desired (NOTE: For referee, please list Gary Tabor, CCSG Chair);
  3. Apply for WCPA

Once the application has been submitted it will be reviewed by the WCPA Steering Committee and a decision about membership will be sent. Approval usually takes 1-2 months. In the meantime, applicants can already complete the CCSG Membership Survey. Providing information through the survey allows applicants to register with CCSG and for the Secretariat to provide access to the online collaboration platform administered through Basecamp.

CCSG Membership

CCSG is currently composed of 924 members from 119 countries. In the map below, countries shaded in green have at least one member, with darker shades representing the greater number of members. In order of largest membership, countries with the most members are the United States, Australia, and Canada. The Specialist Group is proud of its geographic diversity, and looks forward to welcoming new members to further increase representation around the world.