Monthly Research Round-up: May 2019

Alexander, J., Smith, D.A.E., Smith, Y.C.E. and Downs, C.T. 2019. Eco-estates: Diversity hotspots or isolated developments? Connectivity of eco-estates in the Indian Ocean Coastal Belt, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Ecological Indicators 103: 425-433.

Caughlin, T.T., Damschen, E.I., Haddad, N.M., Levey, D.J., Warneke, C. and Brudvig, L.A. 2019. Landscape heterogeneity is key to forecasting outcomes of plant reintroduction. Ecological Applications 29(2): e01850.

Dickson, B.G., Albano, C.M., Anantharaman, R., Beier, P., Fargione, J., Graves, T.A., Gray, M.E., Hall, K.R., Lawler, J.J., Leonard, P.B. and Littlefield, C.E. 2019. Circuit‐theory applications to connectivity science and conservation. Conservation Biology 33(2): 239-249.

Ducci, L., Roscioni, F., Carranza, M.L., Agnelli, P., Russo, D., Frate, L., Loy, A., Santini, G. and Di Febbraro, M. 2019. The role of protected areas in preserving habitat and functional connectivity for mobile flying vertebrates: the common noctule bat (Nyctalus noctula) in Tuscany (Italy) as a case study. Biodiversity and Conservation: 1-24.

Heintzman, L.J. and McIntyre, N.E. 2019. Quantifying the effects of projected urban growth on connectivity among wetlands in the Great Plains (USA). Landscape and Urban Planning 186: 1-12.

Hilty, J.A., Lidicker Jr, W.Z. and Merenlender, A.M. 2012. Corridor ecology: the science and practice of linking landscapes for biodiversity conservation. Island Press.

Linnell, M.A. and Lesmeister, D.B. 2019. Landscape connectivity and conservation prioritization for an old forest species with limited vagility. Animal Conservation. DOI: 10.1111/acv.12496.

Moran, J., Aughney, T. and Roche, N. 2019. Effects of greenway development on functional connectivity for bats. Global Ecology and Conservation: e00613.

Neelakantan, A., DeFries, R. and Krishnamurthy, R. 2019. Resettlement and landscape-level conservation: Corridors, human-wildlife conflict, and forest use in Central India. Biological Conservation 232: 142-151.

Sharma, L.K., Mukherjee, T., Saren, P.C. and Chandra, K. 2019. Identifying suitable habitat and corridors for Indian Grey Wolf (Canis lupus pallipes) in Chotta Nagpur Plateau and Lower Gangetic Planes: A species with differential management needs. PloS one 14(4): e0215019.

Tarabon, S., Bergès, L., Dutoit, T. and Isselin-Nondedeu, F. 2019. Environmental impact assessment of development projects improved by merging species distribution and habitat connectivity modelling. Journal of environmental management. DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2019.02.031.


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Heather Cayton
Heather Cayton is the Managing Director of and a Research Assistant at Michigan State University. She received her B.S. from the University of Virginia and her M.S. from Virginia Tech, and has spent over 10 years studying corridors and rare butterflies in North Carolina.