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Student Resources

Corridors 101

New to the idea of corridors and connectivity? Taking a class and need somewhere to start? We can explain to you the science of corridors, including:

Design and Implement

We have the tools you need for your next project or class that requires you to analyze connectivity and/or design and implement a corridor route through a landscape. From the basic to the complex, you’ll find what you need in the Toolbox.

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Publications Library

Our expansive Library holds almost 300 publications on connectivity, corridors, and fragmentation, including papers published in peer-reviewed journals in 2017. Find that reference you’ve been trying to track down, or get a good start with foundational papers on key topics.

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We’re building a glossary of definitions for the terms and words you’re likely to encounter in the field of conservation corridors.

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Technical Guides

Use our growing searchable database of technical papers and methods in the field of conservation corridors. We’ve featured the most recent peer-reviewed publications available.

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