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Digests about corridors in management

Connectivity approaches in state wildlife action plans

March 18th, 2014|

Written by Iara Lacher and Marit Wilkerson In a study recently published in Conservation Biology, authors Lacher and Wilkerson used 50 State Wildlife Action Plans (SWAPs) [] to evaluate how the U.S., as a whole, addresses [...]

Challenges to riparian connectivity

July 16th, 2013|

Rivers everywhere have been broken into pieces by dams, weirs, culverts, and bridges. This segmentation is likely to increase, posing significant challenges for river managers and conservationists. Two recent papers discuss some subtle, pervasive challenges [...]

Managing plant invasions in corridors

June 26th, 2013|

Just recently, Conservation Corridor posted notice of a new paper in Biological Invasions by Glen, Pech, and Byrom about invasive species and connectivity, and now there’s another paper on the topic that delves more into [...]

Invasive species management and connectivity

May 30th, 2013|

Invasive species are rarely considered when planning for connectivity across the landscape, despite the fact that they can often be major ecological determinants of biodiversity and species persistence, especially of endemic flora and fauna.  Integrating [...]

Creating corridors in Rwanda

May 3rd, 2013|

There is an urgent need for increased connectivity within natural landscapes, to maintain ecosystem processes under continued habitat loss and fragmentation. This is especially true in tropical Africa, where deforestation continues unabated under dense human [...]