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Climate Change

Digests about corridors and climate change

Designing climate corridors: will coarse filters work?

September 30th, 2013|

The strongest influence of climate change in reducing biodiversity will likely come through the interaction between climate change and habitat fragmentation.  As climate warms, species are naturally expected to shift their ranges to cooler places.  [...]

Sea-level rise impacts migratory connectivity

June 20th, 2013|

For non-migratory species, the increased risk for species extinction can often be directly compared to amount of habitat loss predicted for the species.  For migratory species, however, the risk is compounded by not only habitat [...]

Designing reserves for biodiversity

April 26th, 2013|

What is the best way to design a new conservation reserve?  There are multiple factors to consider, including species diversity, spatial extent, and future climate changes.  The incorporation of corridors has been recognized as a [...]