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GuidosToolbox (Graphical User Interface for the Description of image Objects and their Shapes) is a free software collection with a variety of modules targeted to investigate several spatial aspects of raster image objects, such as pattern, connectivity, fragmentation, cost, etc. The MSPA (Morphological Spatial Pattern Analysis) module automatically detects connecting pathways, and can be combined with Conefor for connectivity analysis.

About GuidosToolbox
Author(s) Peter Vogt (Joint Research Centre, European Commission)
Published 2008 (version 2.4 released 2015)
Compatible with Google Earth
User Forum None
User Guide User Guide (updated within program)
Compatible OS Windows, Mac, Linux
Most Useful for
  • Image analysis of raster files
  • Structural connectivity assessment
  • Cost analysis including detection of least cost path and user-driven cost ranges
Data Requirements Raster image (ex. land cover classes, resistance layer, etc.)

Figures and Examples

Guidos Toolbox Fig1

Courtesy GuidosToolbox © Peter Vogt

GuidosToolbox Fig2

courtesy GuidosToolbox © Peter Vogt