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Connect: Landscape Connectivity Modeling Toolbox 2017-03-18T22:47:47-04:00

Connect: Landscape Connectivity Modeling Toolbox

Connect is a set of tools that helps researchers and conservation planners model landscape connectivity for multiple wildlife species in complex heterogeneous landscapes. Connect also allows users to combine single-species models of animal movement to identify areas of the landscape that facilitate the movement of multiple species. Connect packages three cutting-edge connectivity modeling and conservation planning tools, Circuitscape, NetworkX, and Zonation into a user-friendly geoprocessing toolbox for ESRI ArcGIS 9.3.

About Connect
Author(s) Ian Breckheimer and Austin Milt (University of North Carolina)
Published 2010
Compatible with ArcGIS
User Forum User Forum
User Guide User Guide (updated February 2012)
Compatible OS Windows, Mac
Most Useful for
  • Combining movement data for several target species to generate multi-species connectivity maps
  • Identifying areas where connectivity can be effectively restored
  • Assessing impact of alternative-use scenarios
  • Adaptive management
Data Requirements Resistance layer (raster)