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Transport Working Group

Who we are

Made up of over 60 members from around the world, the Transport Working Group was formed under the Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group (CCSG) to help address the impact of linear infrastructure on ecological connectivity. TWG members are connected to one another through a collaborative worksite.

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What we do

Road networks and other linear infrastructure such as railways and canals have quantifiable impacts on natural systems. This type of infrastructure becomes a barrier to ecological connectivity and also increases wildlife collisions that threaten human safety. The TWG is mobilizing road ecologists and transport professional around the world to develop connectivity-minded infrastructure development guidelines for governments and development banks to adopt and incorporate into their plans and projects. These guidelines can also be used outside of Areas of Connectivity Conservation.

How we do it

The TWG will collaborate with international partners to help make transport systems more permeable and reduce their lethality to species in the following arenas:

  • Policy: Inform legislative and administrative efforts by providing examples of codes, standards, legal provisions and other specifications
  • Science: Gather best available science regarding a) transport systems’ impacts, b) monitoring effectiveness, c) prioritization of mitigation locations and future research
  • Finance: Evaluate financial tools that encourage the design and implementation of best practices
  • Cultural: Engage with local, regional, and national communities as appropriate to design and implement best practices sensitive to cultural concerns
  • Practice: Provide technical designs and engineering techniques that support effective mitigation of transport infrastructure
  • Resilience: Identify strategies that promote ecological connectivity while addressing the effects of climate change and extreme natural events

The TWG library

The TWG Library contains important TWG documents, including the group’s Scope, as well as other transport resources.

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TWG Co-Chairs

Rob Ament, USA:

Dr. Rodney van der Ree, AUS:

Sandra Jacobson, USA: