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Regional Leadership

Dr. Gary Tabor (Vice Chair)

A conservation scientist and wildlife veterinarian, Gary’s conservation achievements cross the globe, including the establishment of Kibale National Park in Uganda and pioneering the field of Conservation Medicine and Eco-Health. In the West, he co-designed the Western Governors’ Association Wildlife Corridors Initiative, and co-founded the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, the Roundtable of the Crown of the Continent, and the Practitioners’ Network for Large Landscape Conservation.


Dr. Graeme Warboys (Senior Advisor)

Graeme is a protected area management specialist with 40 years’ experience at operational and policy levels. He works nationally and internationally on protected area management issues and particularly on World Heritage assignments. Graeme has co-edited and participated as a lead author for IUCN’s compendium texts of protected area management and connectivity conservation management. As an Adjunct Fellow at the Fenner School, he is working on an IUCN endorsed project to prepare a new book on Protected Area Management for students and practitioners.


Dr. Jodi Hilty (Deputy)

Western United States and Canada Lead

President and Lead Scientist of the Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative (Y2Y) and an internationally recognized wildlife corridor ecologist and conservationist with over 20 years of experience managing large-scale conservation initiatives.


Dr. Olivier Chassot (Deputy)

Central and Latin America

General Manager at the Tropical Science Center (Costa Rica) and Co-Director of the Great Green Macaw Research and Conservation Project. Olivier has extensive experience in designing, fundraising and implementing conservation biology programs, biological corridors, and protected areas.


Jessica Levine

Eastern United States and Canada

Senior Conservation Advisor and the Coordinator of the Staying Connected Initiative with the The Nature Conservancy. Jessica has worked throughout North America, consulting for local and international environmental organizations, facilitating biodiversity research, and directing environmental education programs.


Rurik List


Rurik is a carnivore and conservation biologist. He has been involved in research or in conservation efforts with species like the black-footed ferret, wolf, kit and gray foxes, coyote, bison, ringtail and jaguar.


Paulina Arroyo

Colombia, Peru, Ecuador

Program Officer at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation for the Andes-Amazon Conservation initiative. Paulina has dedicated her career to working on conservation and sustainable development issues in Ecuador, Focusing on local community participation in park and natural resource management.


Dr. Marcelo Lima


With over 20 Years in conservation biology in Brazil, and internationally, Marcelo is committed to bridging the gap between conservation policy and practice by using and disseminating sound scientific information.


Dr. Ian Pulsford

Australia East

Specialist in protected areas and linking landscapes with 36 years experience in conservation policy, planning and practice with the New South Wales Government, Australia. Ian co-founded Australia’s Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GER), Australia’s first continental-scale conservation corridor.


Clare Taylor


Coordinator for the Kimberly to Cape Landscape Scale Conservation Initiative of Northern Australia. Clare is experienced in facilitating cooperation, coordination and strategic thinking, and in helping to develop, communicate and implement effective policies, programs and initiatives.


Keith Bradby

Australia West

Program Director Gondwana Link. Keith is working to connect critical bushland areas to strengthen ecological connectivity over 1000 km area in Southwest Australia.


Inaoyom Imong

Africa- West

Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Cross River Landscape Project based in Nigeria. Inaoyom works with local communities around the Mbe Mountains to protect the forest and its population of Cross River gorillas, a subspecies that only occurs along the mountainous border region of Nigeria and Cameroon.


Andrew Plumptre

Central/East Africa

Managed the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Uganda and Albertine Rift Programmes for 16 years and is now working to improve law enforcement in protected areas in Africa to tackle threats to key species and to develop methods for monitoring conservation impact across WCS’s sites.


Kathleen Fitzgerald


Vice president Land Conservation for the African Wildlife Foundation, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Kathleen oversees AWF’s land portfolio, including management and protection of conservation lands in sub-saharan and has more than 20 years experience directing landscape-scale and corridor conservation initiatives.


Craig Beech

Africa- South

Chapter Lead – Peaks Parks Foundation specializing in conservation GIS and conservation planning.


Dr. Ancuta Cotovelea


Ancuta’s work is focused on connectivity and conservation through integration of genetic information with landscape analysis (GIS), evolutionary processes, and species’ spatial patterns to provide useful information for biodiversity management. Ancuta’s PhD thesis studies the influence of landscape parameters on brown bear movements using landscape genetics approach.


Tanya Rosen

Central Asia

Director of Panthera Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan Snow Leopard programs. Tanya studied bear ecology with the USGS Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team and conducted work on human-carnivore conflict in Yellowstone and Italy, and in Pakistan with Project Snow Leopard.


Vivek Menon

Asia- South

Executive Director and CEO of the Wildlife Trust of India. Vivek is a wildlife conservationist, environmental commentator, author and photographer with a passion for elephants, and has been involved in founding five environmental & conservation organizations in India.


Spike Millington

East Asia and Pacific

Chief Executive of the East Asian – Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP) since May 2012, based in Incheon, Republic of Korea. EAAFP brings together 35 national government agencies and international non-governmental organizations to conserve migratory waterbirds and their habitats in the 22 countries of the Flyway.


Barbara Lausche

Barbara Lausche (Policy and Legal)

Barbara Lausche, J.D., is an environmental lawyer with some 30 years of experience with governmental and non-governmental organizations in the US and abroad. Her work has concentrated on conservation aspects of environmental law including international law and, since 2000, her focus has been mainly on marine and coastal issues.