Annual Digest Summary – 2014

Looking for a Digest that was published this year?  Miss a Digest and want to catch up?  Digests are listed chronologically, and can also be searched by tags or by publication in the Library.


Tiger populations are protected, but are they connected? (January 9)

Joshi et al. 2013. PLoS ONE

Population dynamics across multiple species  (February 11)

Fernández-Chacón et al. 2014. J. of Animal Ecology

Using green roofs for connectivity (March 10)

Braaker et al. 2014. Ecology

Effectiveness of large-scale corridors (April 10)

Potts et al.  2013. Diversity Distrib.

Wind dynamics in corridors (May 14)

Damschen et al. 2014. PNAS

Assessing the variables used to assess corridors (June 10)

Gregory and Beier. 2014. Conservation Biology

Habitat connectivity between natives and invasives (July 15)

Atobe et al. 2014. Proc Roy Soc B

Designing and creating corridors: SE Asia examples (August 12)

Jain et al. 2014. Conservation Biology

When corridors spread fire ants (and when they don’t) (September 8)

Resasco et al. 2014. Ecology

Testing the role of connectivity redundancy (October 9)

Fletcher et al. 2014. Ecology

Mapping functional wetland connectivity (November 17)

Uden et al. 2014. Ecol. Applications


Measuring connectivity: least cost vs. accumulated cost  (January 17)

Etherington and Holland. 2013. Landscape Ecology

Halting an invasive species along a sensitive corridor (February 17)

Tingley et al. 2013. J. of Applied Ecology

Connectivity in state wildlife action plans (March 18)

Lacher and Wilkerson. 2014. Conservation Biology

Maintaining connectivity via cars and cows (April 16)

Auffret and Cousins. 2013. Ecography

Delisting conservation-reliant species (May 22)

Carroll et al. 2014. Conservation Letters

Using network theory to prioritize management (June 16)

Creech et al. 2014. Landscape Ecology

How managerial strategies influence connectivity (July 24)

Schoon et al. 2014. Envir. Modelling & Software

Agricultural ditch banks as corridors (August 25)

van Dijk et al. 2014. Biological Conservation

Moving beyond science to protect corridors (September 16)

Berger and Cain. 2014. Conservation Biology

Letting the cat out of the isolated bag (October 20)

A few large roads or many small ones? (November 28)

Rhodes et al. 2014. PLoS ONE

How to get the most connectivity for your buck (December 11)

Torrubia et al. 2014. Front. Ecol. Environ.

Climate Change

Future connectivity of a large protected network (January 28)

Mazaris et al. 2013. PLoS ONE

Floodplain rehabilitation to preserve connectivity (February 25)

Boughton and Pike. 2013. Conservation Biology

Are protected area networks enough? (March 24)

Vieilledent et al. 2013. Biological Conservation

What happens when connectivity varies over time? (April 21)

Zeigler and Faganl. 2014. Movement Ecology

Creating corridors based on carbon stock (May 30)

Jantz et al. 2014. Nature Climate Change

Proactive vs. reactive approaches to conservation (June 25)

Bush et al. 2014. J. of Applied Ecology

Quantitative management plans for marine areas (July 31)

Magris et al. 2014. Biological Conservation

The fate of hydrological connectivity (August 29)

Jaeger et al. 2014. PNAS

Allowing protected areas to come and go (September 24)

Alagador et al. 2014. J. of Applied Ecology

The future of ocean connectivity (October 30)

Gerber et al. 2014. Ecosphere

The price of connectivity in stable vs. disturbed conditions (November 25)

de Boer et al. 2014. Oikos

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About the Author:

Heather Cayton
Heather Cayton is the Managing Director of and a Research Assistant at Michigan State University. She received her B.S. from the University of Virginia and her M.S. from Virginia Tech, and has spent over 10 years studying corridors and rare butterflies in North Carolina.