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Latest Conservation Corridor Digests

Digest topics: Corridor Science | Corridors in Management | Corridors & Climate Change | Digest for Debate

The use of circuit theory to model fire connectivity and effects in the Sonoran Desert

Understanding and predicting fire spread across landscapes – and the impacts of these fires on ecosystems – is increasingly important for natural resource management. Unfortunately, […]

The conflicting role of pine plantations as a matrix

As the world’s forests are increasingly converted to timber plantations, more changes in land use mean a more complex matrix.  The role of the matrix […]

Will climate change impact animal behavior in corridors?

Habitat fragmentation and climate change, two of the biggest threats to biodiversity around the globe, might potentially cause synergistic effects that are as yet unknown.  […]

Management recommendations for maintaining grassland biodiversity

How do local and landscape management plans affect biodiversity?  In their upcoming article in Diversity and Distributions, Kormann et al. examine small fragmented patches of […]