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Latest Conservation Corridor Digests

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Indirect effects of grassland buffers on non-target species

Wanting to get the most bang for your buck isn’t an uncommon goal. When putting conservation plans into practice, there’s often a hope that conservation […]

Marine urban sprawl creates corridors for invasives

It is well established that corridors can, in certain cases, help spread non-native species in terrestrial ecosystems. In a new study by Airoldi et al., […]

Lattice-work corridors as a response to climate change

Corridors must often fulfill the dual role of enabling dispersal as well as allowing for population persistence, which can be a challenge even without the […]

The use of circuit theory to model fire connectivity and effects in the Sonoran Desert

Understanding and predicting fire spread across landscapes – and the impacts of these fires on ecosystems – is increasingly important for natural resource management. Unfortunately, […]