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Latest Conservation Corridor Digests

Digest topics: Corridor Science | Corridors in Management | Corridors & Climate Change | Digest for Debate

The price of connectivity in stable vs. disturbed conditions

High connectivity is usually linked with high dispersal, generally a positive characteristic in a stable metapopulation.  However, high dispersal might not always be a good […]

Mapping functional wetland connectivity across reserves and anthropogenic habitats

How good are protected areas at providing functional connectivity, and how do they stack up compared to man-made habitats?  In their recent publication in Ecological […]

Digests for Debate: Negative Effects of Corridors

Haddad and colleagues have published another useful assessment of the current state of affairs in the corridor world, this time focusing on the possible negative […]

The future of ocean connectivity

Most studies on connectivity and climate change tend to focus on terrestrial organisms, and those that do focus on marine organisms tend to look at […]