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Latest Conservation Corridor Digests

Digest topics: Corridor Science | Corridors in Management | Corridors & Climate Change | Digest for Debate

The road ahead: Adaptive design for wildlife crossings under climate change

Reconnecting fragmented habitats is a growing priority as we realize the effects of millions of miles of roadways dissecting the natural world. In addition, shifting […]

Evaluating strategies for keeping African lions connected

One of the greatest challenges in connectivity planning is creating a conservation strategy that can be applied across multiple species, scales, and/or habitats.  With so […]

Digests for Debate: Resistance is nonlinearly related to habitat suitability

The goals of establishing conservation corridors are frequently to allow animals to shift ranges with climate change, maintain gene flow, or avoid inbreeding. To achieve […]

Review: plant responses to climate change

Need to catch up on the latest climate change science?  A new review by Christmas et al. looks at climate change adaptation, focusing on both […]