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  • network-madagascar-bodin_crop

Protected area networks around the globe: adequate or not?


Much of the recent literature on climate change and connectivity has focused on the viability of protected area networks, and whether they will remain useful as landscapes shift. Recent research has highlighted several key findings about the fate of protected […]

  • Urban_London_at_Night_Wood_mouse

Urban vs. agriculture: which maintains landscape connectivity better?


Urbanization and agriculture represent the two most dramatic changes to landscape that wildlife may encounter.  Despite the adaptability of many generalist species, land use changes affect connectivity in ways that are still undetermined.  Particularly in urban and arable habitats, there […]

  • 2015

Annual Digest Summary – 2015


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 Digests for Debate

To minimize biodiversity loss, advocate […]

  • ditch_crop

To maintain plant gene flow, don’t ditch the ditches


The intensification of agriculture is usually associated with increased habitat fragmentation and loss of diversity.  However, agricultural lands bring with them an unexpected but extensive corridor network in the form of ditches.  Although their intention is to divert water flow […]