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Latest Conservation Corridor Digests

Digest topics: Corridor Science | Corridors in Management | Corridors & Climate Change | Digest for Debate

Mapping functional wetland connectivity across reserves and anthropogenic habitats

How good are protected areas at providing functional connectivity, and how do they stack up compared to man-made habitats?  In their recent publication in Ecological […]

Digests for Debate: Negative Effects of Corridors

Haddad and colleagues have published another useful assessment of the current state of affairs in the corridor world, this time focusing on the possible negative […]

The future of ocean connectivity

Most studies on connectivity and climate change tend to focus on terrestrial organisms, and those that do focus on marine organisms tend to look at […]

Letting the cat out of the isolated bag

The European wildcat (Felis silvestris silvestris) once inhabited forests throughout most of central and southern Europe. Today, their populations are sparse and heavily isolated due […]