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    Is nuclear energy a solution to mitigating the loss of biodiversity and habitat connectivity?

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    Can landscape connectivity be better maintained by building fewer high volume roads, or with many low volume roads?

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Prioritizing patches as habitat losses accumulate

Not all patches are created equal. When making priorities to conserve biodiversity given limited resources, some patches will inevitably be lost. Conventional methodology looks to […]

Digests for Debate: To minimize biodiversity loss, advocate for nuclear energy

Barry Brook and Corey Bradshaw argue that nuclear power should be considered a key component of future energy production to both mitigate anthropogenic climate change […]

Determining corridor width

One of the most vexing problems in corridor design is: how wide should corridors be? This may be the most frequent question I am asked […]

Annual Digest Summary – 2014

Looking for a Digest that was published this year?  Miss a Digest and want to catch up?  Digests are listed chronologically, and can also be […]