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    Creating corridors for single versus multiple species: how effective is it to focus on more than one species?

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Ask your doctor whether you should consider a surrogate species

Conservation practitioners often use surrogates to make decisions for connectivity planning or determining priorities in general. For example, in my research, instead of directly measuring […]

New connectivity framework suggests focusing on dispersal constraints

There is an assumption in connectivity modeling that occupied habitat represents suitable dispersal habitat.  However, the type of environment preferred by individuals while dispersing can […]

Digests for Debate: Single vs. Multispecies Connectivity

If you build it, will they come?

I often find myself asking this question as I’m reading through the latest work on corridor modeling or planning […]

Protected areas lack connectivity along elevational gradients

A key question of protected areas around the globe is how well they will continue to preserve biodiversity in the face of climate change.  As […]