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Latest Conservation Corridor Digests

Digest topics: Corridor Science | Corridors in Management | Corridors & Climate Change | Digest for Debate

Not all agriculture is created equal when you’re on the move

Assessments of animal movement through different land cover types often lump “agriculture” into one general category. In their recent American Midland Naturalist paper, Nogeire et […]

Coupling field surveys, forest mapping, and simulation models to understand the future of a Madagascar corridor

In spite of their popularity in landscape management, understanding how corridors function has remained challenging – particularly at the very large spatial scales over which […]

Conserving – and connecting – nature’s stage

Conserving Nature’s Stage is a new concept that encapsulates efforts to focus conservation attention on the diversity of physical environments found on Earth. If conserved, […]

Indirect effects of grassland buffers on non-target species

Wanting to get the most bang for your buck isn’t an uncommon goal. When putting conservation plans into practice, there’s often a hope that conservation […]